"The success of a child should not be determined by their zip code." This is the unfortunate reality in Pennsylvania, as we remain at the bottom of quality of education in the country.

Shae supports:
-Fair funding for public schools to create more opportunities for children of all socioeconomic statuses
-Addressing the retirement plan (PSERS) crisis by using different revenue streams to relieve the burden on school districts, ultimately providing property tax relief to local taxpayers
-Governor Wolf's plan to provide more funding for Career and Technical Education (CTE).

Voting Rights

All Pennsylvanian's should have access to voter registration without restrictive voter ID laws. 

Shae supports:
-Legislation that will automatically register you to vote by age 18

Jobs for PA

Shae believes in expanding workforce opportunities for all Pennsylvanians. As school board director, he supported a $24 million capital improvement project completed by 100% local union labor.

Shae supports:
-Legislation that promotes responsible contractor ordinances to create jobs that will produce fair wages and safe practices
-Re-entry funding and incentives for businesses who create jobs that will hire Pennsylvanians with a minor record
-Expungement opportunities for those convicted of non-violent crimes

Gun violence

America has seen far too many instances of gun violence to the point it creates fear in our most vulnerable population, our children. I will stand up to the NRA and gun lobby.

Shae supports:
-Expanding background checks
-Adoption of red flag laws


The key to a better Pennsylvania is a healthier Pennsylvania. Access to affordable prescription and medical coverage should never be limited to a handful of people.

Shae supports:
-Medicaid expansion to lower the cost or prescription drugs and long-term care of those who need it

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